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You could help us win $61,000+

Me and my girlfriend are competing in the Lean Challenge 2012. The idea we submitted was Reciary - It’s your recipe diary, where you’ll be able to record what you make, share recipes and be inspired by others.

I would really appreciate it if you helped us out by voting for our idea. You can vote by posting on Twitter using the hashtag #leanvote2012-14 (we’re idea number 14). You can also use the Tweet button on this page next to “Reciary is a social network where people can share recipes, be inspired by others and themselves by looking back.”

This Tweet button doesn’t work on the Tumblr Dashboard:

Retweets also count as votes. You can RT this tweet.

Thanks :)

The voting is open from April 10 through April 25 (midnight CST). So there is not much time left.

If you understand Icelandic you can also try a beta version of Reciary over at http://www.reciary.is/ ;)

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